No Quarter 135: Wall Street

135-walljumpA review of the classic arcade game Wall Street, released by Century in 1982.

Show Notes:

New MVS game: Kraut Buster
The Grand Master 2015 Arcade Testing
New retro arcade: FTW Arcade in Chicago
New retro arcade: Barcade in New Haven, CT
New retro arcade: Full Blast Arcade in North Ridgeville, OH (Link?)
All about Century Electronics (AllInColorForAQuarter)

Click HERE to check out Mike and Rob’s scores!

One thought on “No Quarter 135: Wall Street

  1. Hi All,
    Your next game review is possibly my all time favourite arcade game Pengo.
    I remember playing this in Spain while on holidays in the summer of 1984. I remember it played the Popcorn music, but when I discovered it in MAME many years later the music had changed. I eventually tracked down a version with the Popcorn music. I also owned the boardset for Pengo when I had a cab and actually hacked pacman ROM code to run on my Pengo board as a project (before kids).
    All the best,
    Andrew Hannay

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