No Quarter 136: Pengo

136-penhoA review of the classic arcade game Pengo, released by Sega in 1982.

Show Notes:

Link: MAME 0.163 Released
Link: Arcade Games in Arcade Games (HardcoreGaming101)
Link: |
Link: The Rock to star in Rampage Adaptation (IGN)
Link: Wrong Pac-Man in Video Game Hall of Fame (Kotaku)
Link: Super Arcade facing Zoning Issues (SuperDojo)

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One thought on “No Quarter 136: Pengo

  1. Hi Chaps, Great podcast about Pengo, but, I’m sorry but I have to comment on something you mentioned regarding your experience with TRON. The joystick should not strictly be 8 way but 4 way with a hard push for the diagonals. This is mainly due to the fact that the light cycles game is impossible to play with a standard 8 way joystick as you find the light bikes start doing very odd diagonal zig-zag movements on turns and totally ruining the game. The tanks and MCP cone games don’t need diagonal movements leaving just the i/o tower game which I believe a hard push diagonal should give you the direction you need, but I find I can play fine without.

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