No Quarter 147: Arabian

ArabianA review of the classic arcade game Arabian, released by Sun Electronics in 1983.

Show Notes:

CHEGheads Blog: Inside the Atari Coin-Op Divisions Collection: What’s in an Ad?
Viceroy Studios: Pac-Man turns 36!
KLOV: Arabian

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2 thoughts on “No Quarter 147: Arabian

  1. I enjoy your show and appreciate your efforts in getting this done. I am a collector of classic video games and pinball machines. I started out using Mame after my Commadore 64 years. I built my own mame cabinet many yeas ago. Later baught one that was made from Dream Home Arcade..Mame got me interested in all the great games.. I started then collecting arcade games that I had play back in the day.
    The reason I am writing this is first off to give you guys a big thanks. And to the many people who have stuck there time making such a great emulater.
    Is there articles out there that talk about Mames creation? Designers ect?
    If your interested I did create a website with my collection. I try up dating website as things change. I created a theme aroud the Pocketchange name since thats the place I spent a lot of time in. My interest as of latly have been more pinball related.. I did pick up the new Dexter board for my Us Vs Them..
    Here is a link to my website.


    1. Thanks Bryan! Sorry for the long delay in response. We’ve been off for the summer doing whatever it is that the cool kids do when they’re not recording podcasts. :) We’ll be sure to read your message on the next episode and mention your website.

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