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No Quarter is a podcast about classic arcade games. The show made its debut on October 14th, 2012, and ran for 125 episodes with original hosts Mike Maginnis and Carrington Vanston. In April, 2015, Carrington Vanston retired from the show and was replaced by Rob ‘Flack’ O’Hara. Flack threw in the towel after 13 episodes and the podcast was put on hiatus for three months. When it returned in September 2015, Jeff Prescott debuted as the new co-host.

The first 125 episodes of No Quarter Podcast can be downloaded from MonsterFeet.com or the old iTunes feed.

This show contains sounds from the Arcade Ambience Project by Andy Hofle

No Quarter is a proud member of the Throwback Network.

Free as in beer, and free as in freedom. No Quarter was originally established and remains in the public domain. You may reproduce, copy, edit, sample, remix, publish, broadcast, distribute, sell, make derived works, and use/reuse/abuse any of the original material from this podcast in any way you wish.

12 thoughts on “About the Show

  1. As the number one fan of the show, I have to be the number one commenter on the new web page. While Carrington will be missed, I am sure Joe Smith will do a fine job, and look forward to 126+ more episodes. I wonder who this Joe Smith is. Hmmmmm :)

  2. As the number two fan of the show, I’ll be the number two commenter. Carrington will be very missed, but I’m so glad the show will continue with Mike and Rob.

  3. Hmmm. How to not get banned? Oh, I know. BOO CARRINGTON! MAJOR BOO-NESS, I SAY!

    Okay, with that charade out of the way… Hooray, the arcade podcast fix continues! I’ve not actually listened to it yet because it looks like we’re being ranked by order of reply. (Gotta’ get those stripes! ;)

    Thanks Mike, you’re our hero! Looking forward to another 125 episodes!

  4. Carrington who? :-)
    seriously, he’ll be missed, the balance with Mike was wonderful, there’s no denying that… but there’s also no denying Rob’s pedigree, so welcome to the podcast Mr. O’Hara… and Mike, good call… :D

  5. Carrington will be missed, but after listening to the last episode the transition was seamless. It sounds like Mike and Rob have been podcasting together for years.
    Great work guys, I’m glad I still get my fix of No Quarter.

  6. Guys I love your show and was pulled into listening with Carringtons unique humor. I was tring to catch up on old episodes and didn’t relize he left till today.
    I’m glad the show will continue and look forward to future episodes.

  7. Just discovered this podcast. I love it when I find a new one about my favorite hobby and I can download all the past episodes and catch up…

    …except when I can’t because one or more has gone missing. :/ What happened to episode 129?

    1. Hi Chris,

      Thanks for contacting us. Glad to hear you’re enjoying the “back catalog”. Unfortunately, 129 contained an audio clip that was copyrighted and used without permission so it had to be taken offline.

  8. Hey! Recently stumbled across No Quarter and, wow, what a great podcast. I’ve been catching up. Sorry to see the hasn’t been an episode for a while. Hope you guys can keep going. I heard Mike and Carrington host the Open Apple podcast. How about a reunion No Quarter episode?

  9. Cool podcast guys! I really enjoy insightful and fun discussion about retro games not just: “That was awesome or it sucked”. I believe Earl Green´s TheLogBook.com mentioned you guys at some point? And now I´m here! I listened to the “Ghouls And Ghosts” episode.

  10. Just found your podcast and it’s very entertaining. I can only download via my iPhone up to the Elevator Action 2 podcast but everything after that is missing.

    Wishing you all the best.

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